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Matt Scott
| Founder & Director
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Paul Beadnall
| Digital Marketing Specialist
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About us

Everything we do is because we love performance marketing and want to apply our experience to growing businesses and organisations that care about the bigger picture.

Purpose and cause are what really drive us.

We do this by aligning ourselves with clients that we can get excited about; those who are doing something positive for people and the planet.

From sustainable innovators to social purveyors, size, sector and business maturity doesn't matter, values do.

Our skills have been honed working in a mix of large international marketing teams and SMEs, both in-house and agency, across B2B, B2C. We'll apply this experience to growing your brand.

About you

You are here because, either you’re new to digital marketing, are looking at new agency options, or need support for your in-house team. 

You need to be confident that the agency you choose care about your organisation and align with your values; be that your strong sense of corporate social responsibility or sustainable business practice.

By choosing the right agency, you’ll also find the right audience, helping grow your triple bottom line: people, the planet and profit.

Sectors we work across

We are interested in working with clients across numerous industries and sectors; those pushing boundaries and innovation in sustainability, circular economy, equality & wider corporate social responsibility.
Retail & Fashion
Clean Energy
Government & Charity
Health & Fitness
Services & Technology

A bit more about us

Dodo Digital leads a lean operation based out of Bristol, UK; but partner with clients as far away as Australia. We work between co-working offices and home in order to minimise our carbon footprint and offer our team flexibility.

The in-house team boast 30 years marketing experience and work with a tight-knit collective of designers, video/content producers and web developers to complete a full-service digital offering.

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