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We’re a paid media and creative agency based in Bristol, with over 20 years collective experience in digital marketing. Guided by our values, we focus on maximising profitability and growth for our superstar clients. We fully embrace and educate ourselves on your proposition to devise innovative paid media strategies that deliver exceptional results. 
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What Drives Us

Dodo Digital was founded on a strong set of values, with an ambition to work with inspiring brands that share those values. In our past lives we have observed that poor performance often comes down to a disconnect between agency and client, so we believe it is paramount to develop a real relationship between our agency and your brand.
People, Planet & Profit
It’s extremely important to us that our business positively affects everyone we come into contact with. The societal and environmental impact of what we do shouldn’t be compromised for profit, but each is just as important in everything we do. We're proud to be working with a number of eco-friendly businesses.
Always Innovate
Experience in working at tech-startups with fierce competition has taught us not only to adapt, but to always be ahead of the curve. You’ll therefore notice that we are constantly abreast of the next paid media platform, or adopting services such as video production in order to give our clients a seamless, full-service experience under one roof.
Always Care
When you work with us you’ll immediately get a sense of how much we care about your business. We understand that targets need to be met and how intrinsic our work can be to your business as a whole. Looking after our client’s budget isn’t a responsibility we take lightly - we treat your budget as if it’s our own.

A note from our Founder

Matt Scott
"We're a lean team of paid media specialists and client service professionals. We met while working together as department heads at a tech start-up (it sold to Groupon for $65m). Employing our skills means you’ll have an expert with 10+ years paid media experience dedicated to your account, rather than a junior exec that's still learning on the job"



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