Biotech company's cost per lead reduced by 110%

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About the client

Antibody Analytics is a Biotechnology company, based in Scotland. We were brought on to help launch and establish paid media as a viable lead generation channel, which we achieved and have been running successfully for over 2 years.

After reviewing their previous activity and completing our own research, we determined that the best approach was to focus on LinkedIn Ads. We built out key prospecting audiences, alongside a targeted ABM approach, with Antibody Analytics producing engaging e-books and collateral on our recommendation to help nurture prospects and secure quality leads.

What we did

  • Planned and launched a new paid media strategy
  • Introduced LinkedIn Ads as a key focus
  • Implemented ABM and granular audience targeting
  • Advised on creative direction and lead magnets
Dodo are genuinely honest, friendly, and have been pivotal to our growth.
Jamie Hodgson
Business Director
Antibody Analytics




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