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Ethical & Environmental Considerations

July 3, 2019

Ethical & Environmental Issues

It’s difficult to escape the constant stream of negative stories about the way the world seems to be heading, whether it’s the state of the environment and the impact of global warming, social inequality, politics and everything else in between. 

It’s also difficult to think about what we can do as individuals when some of the biggest governments and companies in the world seem ambivalent towards the growing environmental and societal problems we are facing in the world. Particularly when making decisions about how we live our lives, what impact these decisions will have on both the present and the future, and how they align with our values versus quality of life.

It’s common knowledge that bad news sells, and we see it in all forms of media; often in ‘your money or your life’ situations, exploiting fear in decision making. Yet, with seemingly regressive trends in society and the worrying levels of neglect we’ve collectively given to the planet, it’s sometimes difficult to feel positive about our future right now.

Why We Want to Market for Those with Ethical & Environmental Considerations

That’s why we started thinking about the present a little bit more. It’s undeniable that we live in a capitalist, consumerist world and for the moment, that’s how society works. We at Dodo Digital have decided to utilise the skills we’ve acquired in our careers to grow businesses and organisations which are trying to do good and help make a positive change. Think of those which really are taking action to create sustainable alternatives, making genuine changes to their existing carbon footprint and contributing to practices which are inclusive and without prejudice. 

We see young smart start-ups and talk to passionate individuals everyday who are making efforts to minimise environmental damage and inequality, creating ingenious business models, products and services. It’s these businesses which are set to take market share from those which don’t care, and can give us something to be more positive about. 

Positive Change

We’ve taken the decision to get into marketing for positive change and avoid going the way of the Dodo (hence the name - no, it’s not do-do). If we can turn our day jobs into working with those who are spearheading our values, it begins to make us feel like we can all think about what more we can do for a positive future.

If you work for a  business or organisation with an ethical focus and needs digital marketing services to grow, get in touch today to see what we can do for you. 


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