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Tech4Good Competition with Jess from Cookies HQ

December 19, 2019

Who are CookiesHQ and what do you do?

CookiesHQ is a software design and development agency based in Bristol. We partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create, maintain and improve their digital products. From apps to websites, we love to work with businesses and help solve a problem using technology and, most importantly, scale so that they can reach as many customers as possible!

Tell us about the Tech4Good competition?

This December, companies can nominate themselves (or be nominated) to win a host of prizes that will help boost their business in 2020. From tech, accountancy and legal consultations to free hires and team events, the Tech4Good winner will benefit from the knowledge from 10 companies in the Bristol area (including Dodo Digital!)  For more information and to apply, click here.

We decided to launch this competition because we believe that businesses should support and champion each other - especially those who are doing good socially and environmentally.

Who should enter?

The term “Tech for Good” can be hard to define. We will be choosing the business (or business idea) who demonstrates that they are looking to solve a clear social or environmental problem. We also believe that a Tech for Good company has ethical internal business practices such as a diverse workforce, good conditions for employees, and clear plans for the upcoming year.

What challenges do you think start-ups have, particularly when doing something which tackles environmental and social responsibility?

The main challenge for any start-up is getting going! There can be costs involved in setting up a company, and there are many areas of a business that need attention. That’s actually one of the reasons we have partnered with such diverse businesses to offer the prize. To name a few, Stephenson Law is offering a free legal consultation, FD Works offering a 2-hour accountancy workshop, Yena is offering free memberships for networking, Sona Pilates is offering the whole team a pilates session… and of course Dodo Digital is offering a social workshop! We are so happy to be collaborating with such great companies at Christmas time!

What are great examples of Tech4Good innovation you have seen recently?

We are lucky enough to work with fantastic clients who have been demonstrating tech for good. For example, Good Sixty encourages consumers to shop from local independent retailers and have their food delivered by bicycle. Big Clean Switch is a social business promoting green energy and AutonoMe helps people with learning disabilities to live independent lives… we could go on about how great our clients are!

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