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PPC Management Bristol

If you’re looking for PPC Agency in Bristol, then we think we’re a pretty good option for you - why? Because we don’t do anything else but PPC and paid media (well OK, and some conversion rate optimisation). This is all we do and we’re pretty damn good at it.

PPC Management Bristol

PPC Services Bristol

The beauty of working online means that we have clients from all over the country; we’re only an hour and 45 minutes from London by train and 15 minutes from the airport, so we regularly have the opportunity to visit our clients as far away as Glasgow. 

However, for many companies, it’s important to work with a local paid advertising agency. 

We completely understand that those needing a Bristol PPC Agency are likely looking for a strategic partner, where emails, calls or even video calls don’t always cut it.

It’s true that some of our best client relationships are those where we get to meet regularly and in person. 

We take a very pragmatic and strategic approach to understanding these aspects of your business in order to determine the best strategy: 

  • How to manage your budget
  • Which channels are most suitable
  • What bidding strategy will be most effective
  • How to consistently grow leads ir sales for your business

We can arrange to come to you, or alternatively meet at one of our favourite co-working offices in Bristol centre, or one of our favourite meeting spots, such as the Arnolfini.

We get to understand your brand:

  • Values
  • Goals
  • USP's
  • Competitors
  • How we can help you grow


Why we just do Paid Advertising

We love working in Bristol because it’s size, it’s small enough to have a great community of digital agencies and start-ups, but large enough that there’s a lot going on. We’re always at digital marketing events and conferences, forming great partnerships with other talented digital experts.

Our clients tend to like that we specialise in PPC & paid media, because we don’t pretend to do everything. 

In fact, we believe it’s difficult to get a good level of service from a freelancer or small agency that claims to do everything.

We’d be pretty wary of small agencies that do offer PPC, as well as SEO, Web Design, social and PR - there’s a high chance that each service will be done to a less-than standard level, but not brilliantly.

Online is so competitive now, that we think that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing brilliantly.

At Dodo Digital, we’re specialists in Paid Media and online advertising.

We believe Paid Media is the best go-to market channel because of the ability to project a likely return-on-investment as well as it’s immediate impact and scalability. We also work across CRO, which is very closely linked to PPC and means we can help convert more of your visitors, increasing your ROI.

However, it’s important to work across other marketing channels too, particularly as you grow and/or additional budget becomes available.

We work with a tight-knit collective of other specialists so we’re able to offer a joined-up and seamless digital approach - we can even manage a wider digital strategy should you require us to.

Because we specialise in paid media and that’s our background, it means we have experience across numerous ad platforms, not just Google Ads (was Google Adwords) and Facebook, but social media and display networks.

We like things to be a simple as possible, so feel free to schedule a call at a time of your convenience, or alternatively, fill in this short form (4 mins) for us to send you a proposal.

What we do

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Paid Social
  • Retargeting
  • Google Shopping
  • Video & Audio Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Native Advertising
  • App Install Campaigns

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