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How We'll Manage your Mobile App Install Campaign

We will run your app install campaigns efficiently and effectively, operating towards a target cost per download KPI. We do this across multiple advertising channels and can target specifically by operating system, so if your app is only available on IOS or Android we can reach the relevant audience.

We optimise daily to ensure we deliver consistent improvements, steadily reducing your cost per download and delivering scalable results to take your app to the next level. 


  • Apple Store - iOS Installs
  • Google Play - Android Installs
  • Ads served through various platforms

Service Breakdown

  • Best Practice Campaign Build
  • Multi-Channel Approach
  • Optimise to Target CPI
  • Improved Organic App Ranking
  • Daily Optimisation

Service Breakdown

  • Write & Test Ad Copy/Creative
  • Landing Page Advice & Testing
  • Budget Management
  • Ongoing Account Management
  • Campaign Reporting

Mobile App Marketing

What are app install campaigns?

App Install campaigns are exactly as the name suggests - campaigns with the primary objective of delivering app downloads. They are available on a variety of platforms, including but not limited to Google Search & Display, YouTube, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram and the Apple Store directly.

The only action users can take by clicking on the ad is to visit the relevant app store to then download the app, so there’s no other distractions.

These campaigns target and seek out an audience highly likely to be interested in your app, based on keyword targeting as well as intent signals they have given through their general interactions online. Campaigns can be optimised to simply drive a high number of installs, or can be geared towards users who are most likely to interact and take actions within your app. 

App Install campaigns can be specifically targeted to either IOS or Android users, or both if your app is available on both platforms.

Mobile App Install Campaign Benefits

  • Increase app downloads
  • Instant, tangible results
  • Improve organic app store ranking
  • Excellent targeting options
  • Open to all budgets
  • Cost effective

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