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What our Account Management Entails

Account Management is the relationship between our business and yours. As part of this, we’ll truly understand your business objectives, goals and needs. We’ll become an extension of your business in order to help you strategically make the most of our services to help grow yours.

As part of this, we'll provide you with granular reporting and recommendations to improve your campaigns and meet wider objectives.


  • We provide account management across all of our channels and services

    Service Breakdown

    • Relationship management between your dedicated PPC marketer and you
    • Weekly/Bi-weekly status updates
    • In-depth monthly reporting & call
    • Advice on strategy, industry updates and integrating new services
    • Strategy workshops

    Account Management Benefits

    • Acts as extension of your business
    • Dedicated point of contact for any questions
    • Drives strategy integrates with your wider business objectives

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