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What are our audio & video MARKETING services?

We highlight video marketing as one of our standalone services, when in fact, it is something which we’re able to deliver over the majority of digital channels that we manage. We’ll work with your pre-existing video, or source production in order to serve ads to engaged, receptive audiences, hungry for content. 

With Audio, we’re able to script and produce ads for Spotify and can also facilitate media placements across podcasts. Like all our paid media channels, we focus on the key metrics to make sure your ad budget is properly maintained and campaigns best optimised to meet your objectives.


  • Youtube
  • Podcast Platforms
  • Spotify
  • Social Channels

Service Breakdown

  • Best Practice Campaign Build
  • Keyword & Placement Research
  • Bid Management
  • Daily Optimisation
  • Ad Copy & Creative Testing
  • Video Format Selection

Service Breakdown

  • Produce Audio Scripts
  • Negative Placement Strategy
  • Landing Page Advice & Testing
  • Ongoing Account Management
  • Budget Management
  • Campaign Reporting

Audio & Video Marketing

What is audio & video marketing?

TV and radio ads have been on the go for decades, but introducing these formats across the internet has brought with it, the opportunity to now present these formats cheaply and to highly relevant audiences.

Using these forms of media is something every company in (almost) every industry can use to effectively stand out from the crowd and engage their audience. For both audio & video marketing, it presents the opportunity for your audience to digest your proposition and brand message very easily.

With social and video platforms accommodating user-generated ‘stories’ by the millions every day, it provides a gargantuan opportunity to serve highly targeted video ads to massively engaged, relevant users. 

With Spotify, there are nearly 300m users, of which roughly ⅔ are on the ad version.

Paid Social Benefits

  • Stand out from text ads & still images
  • Convey your proposition & message easily
  • Reach massive, engaged audiences
  • Run TV or radio-style ads for a fraction of the budget

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